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Sushi Bar Appetizers

Item Name Price

SB01 Ginza Style Tuna Salsa (Signature Dish)

Tuna, mango avocado jalapeno, tobiko w. mustard-miso sauce

SB02 Sashimi Appetizer (8)

Assorted fillets of raw fish (chef's choice)

SB03 Sashimi Ceviche

Assorted fillets of raw fish w. jalapeno tataki sauce

SB04 Tuna Endive (3)

Seared spicy tuna with mango salsa topped with a yuzu sauce in endive wrap

SB05 Naruto (Cucumber Roll)

Crab stick, tobiko & avocado rolled with thin sliced cucumber

SB06 Sashimi Naruto

Tuna, salmon, yellowtail rolled in thinly sliced cucumber

SB07 Spicy Tuna Naruto


SB08 Spicy Salmon Naruto


SB09 Grilled Tuna (Signature Dish)

Pan-seared tuna with yuzu flavor sweet & chili sauce

SB10 Grill Salmon


SB11 Pink Lady

Pink organic soy wrapped with blue fin tuna, yellowtail, salmon, tobiko, avocado, fried with tempura batter, amazing special sauce

SB12 Tuna Tataki

Slightly cooked tuna served with scallions, spicy grated daikon & ponzu sauce

SB13 Ginza Salmon Special

Crab stick and tobiko wrapped in thinly sliced salmon, seared with eel, spicy mayo sauce.

SB14 Godzilla Roll

White tuna tempura topped with spicy tuna and black tobiko and chef’s special sauce with imitation crab meat

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