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Ginza Special Roll

Item Name Price

GS01 Ginza Volcano Maki

Crab stick, tobiko, avocado and cucumber toasted with spicy mayo.Spicy.

GS02 Amazing Snow Mountain

Shrimp tempura, king crab, tobiko, scallion.

GS03 Alligator Maki

Shrimp tempura roll covered by eel, crabstick, avocado, flying fish roe and scallion.

GS04 Celtics Maki

Tuna, Yellowtail, Salmon, Cucumber, Avocado & Alfalfa Sprout, outside with 3 kinds Flying Fish Roe.

GS05 Patriots Maki

Egg, Avocado, Scallions covered by Salmon & Miso sauce and torch, topped with Black Flying Fish Roe.

GS06 Red Sox Maki

Salmon, Scallions, Flying Fish Roe, Cream Cheese deep fried in light batter & rolled with Tuna, topped by special house sauce.

GS07 Tuna King Maki

Spicy tuna, tobiko, scallion, mango inside, topped with white tuna, mayo and fried taro.

GS08 Lobster Maki

Lobster, asparagus, mango, avocado and lobster salad.

GS09 Spicy Tuna Tortilla Maki

Spicy tuna, avocado, cress, mango, chives.

GS10 Amazon Black Forest Maki

Unagi, sweet potato, black tobiko.

GS11 Samba Maki

Shrimp tempura, papaya, topped with spicy tuna, coconut flake.

GS12 New Wave Maki

Spicy tuna inside, yellowtail, salmon, avocado outside. Tempura crumb with 3 kinds of special sauce on top.

GS13 Ginza Midnight Maki

White tuna, jalapeno, shrimp tempura, black tobiko.Spicy.

GS14 Ginza Triple Maki

Salmon, tuna, yellowtail, soybean wrap.Spicy.

GS15 Rock and Roll

Spicy scallop inside, lobster salad outside, topped with black tobiko, red tobiko, wasabi tobiko.

GS16 Surf and Turf Maki

Seared fusion steak inside, with marinated red onion and avocado, topped with spicy Alaskan king crab, scallion and tobiko.Spicy.

GS17 Ebi Mango Maki

Cooked shrimp, fresh mango, tempura crumb & house special spicy sauce rolled with sliced mango on top.Spicy

GS18 Watertown Maki

Eel tempura, cucumber & flying fish roe, rolled with torched salmon on the top.

GS19 Foliage Maki

Toro, salmon, avocado, Tempura crumb and tobiko.

GS20 Volcano Maki

Baked scallop, crabstick, flying fish roe, enoki & shitake mushroom mix with mayo on a spicy tuna maki.Spicy

GS21 Sunset Roll

Crab stick, tobiko, avocado and cucumber toasted with spicy mayo.Spicy.

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