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Sushi Combo

Item Name Price

SC01 Chirashi Dinner

Assorted fresh fish & vegetable over a bed of seasoned sushi rice.

SC02 Sushi Cook Combo(15 pcs)

California maki,3 eel sushi,3 ebi sushi,3 tamago sushi.

SC03 Sushi Deluxe (16 pcs)

California maki,2 salmon sushi,2 tuna sushi,2 suzuki sushi, 2 tai sushi,1 ebi sushi,1 hamachi sushi.

SC04 Maki Combo (18 pcs)

Samba spicy tuna-maki, California maki, & una-avo maki.

SC05 Sushi and Sashimi Combo(21 pcs)

3 tuna sashimi,3 salmon sashimi,3 hamachi sashimi.2 tuna sushi, 2 salmon sushi,,2 suzuki sushi,tuna maki

SC06 Sashimi Deluxe(18 pcs)

3 tuna sashimi,3 salmon sashimi,3 hamachi sashimi,3 white tuna sashimi,3 tai sashimi,3 tako sashimi

SC07 Vegetarian Combo(16 pcs)

Mixed greens roll,sweet potato tempura maki,2 inari sushi.

SC08 Sushi and Maki Combo (48 pcs)

2 Shrimp sushi,2 white fish sushi,2 eel sushi, 2 salmon sushi, tuna maki, cucumber maki, spicy tuna maki, California maki, Samba maki, Samba triple...

SC09 Party Boat For 1 (19 pcs)

9 pcs chef selected sashimi,4 pcs chef selected nigiri with california maki

SC10 Party Boat For 2

18 pcs chef selected sashimi,8 pcs chef selected nigiri sushi with tekka maki,California maki and shrimp tempura maki

SC11 Party Boat For 4

21 pcs chef seleced sashimi,10 pcs chef selected nigiri sushi,with California maki,house dragon maki,caterpilar maki,spider maki

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