New Ginza
Hibachi & Sushi Restaurant
65 Galen St,
Watertown, MA 02472
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Kitchen Appetizers

Item Name Price

A01 Miso Soup


A02 Spicy Seafood Soup with Tofu (Korean Style)


A03 Vegetable Dumpling Soup


A04 Agedashi Tofu (Fried Tofu Soup)

Fried tofu served in a light fish broth w. scallions & grated daikon radish. 

A05 Spicy Organic Edamame

Organic soy bean w. sea salt

A05 Plain Organic Edamame

Organic soy bean w. sea salt

A06 Vegetable Spring Roll


A07 Ginza Chicken Wing


A08 Scallop Hokkaiyaki

Lightly seasoned w. mayo on the shell

A08 Squid Hokkaiyaki

Lightly seasoned w. mayo on the shell

A09 Yaki Ika

Broiled whole squid served w. a side of ginger sauce

A10 Duck Tataki

Duck breast sliced and topped w. delicious chef's homemade teriyaki sauce

A11 Fry Calamari

Deep fried squid served w. spicy mayo

A12 Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura

Three fresh shrimp & seasonal vegetable deep fry on a light batter

A13 Vegetable Tempura

Seasonal vegetable deep fried in a light batter

A14 Chicken Tempura


A15 Crab Rangoon


A16 Chicken Lettuce Wrap


A17 Seafood Yaki (2)

Barbecued shrimp, salmon & scallop on skewers

A18 Fried Shumai

Shrimp Dumpling

A18 Steamed Shumai

Shrimp Dumpling

A19 Pan Fried Gyoza


A19 Steamed Gyoza


A20 Pan Fried Vegetable Gyoza


A20 Steamed Vegetable Gyoza


A21 Chicken Skewer (3)

Barbecued chicken and scallion on skewer

A22 Beef Tataki

Thinly sliced rare beef w. scallions & spicy grated daikon radish w. ponzu sauce

A23 Hamachi Kama

Lightly salted broiled yellow tail collar served with ponzu sauce (Quantity are limited, please check with your server)

A24 Broiled Eggplant

(Nasu Dengaku) Broiled eggplant smothered with sweet soybean paste

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